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Leonie Rhode is a German Landscape Architect and Environmental Planner whose Masters Thesis is a study about Kampala’s green areas (or whatever is left of it). She spent quite some time over here researching the matter and was smart enough to keep her video camera running (if the clip below doesn’t work, watch it on Youtube):

If you can download rather large documents, you can read a well-written summary of her Thesis (PDF, 5.5 Mb).

Kampalas Greens title page

Even though Leonie is currently investing her energy into an urbanistic project in Transylvania she is still following the developments in Kampala and even promised to contribute some articles to kampala.ver in the future.

In case anyone wants to discuss her stuff, post your comments below, it’s likely she’ll come back and respond.

Nissan Motorcare building, Kampala

Nissan Motorcare building, Kampala

BUILDING: Nissan Motorcare
LOCATION: Jinja Road, Kampala
ARCHITECT: FBW Architects & Engineers

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT IT: This carefully designed showroom building features a large timber/glass façade which slightly tilts against the visitor and a sloping floor – the whole building literally is a ramp. It does so not only for the sake of a nice architectural effect; it actually seems highly functional because it gives a pedestrian a sort of an ‘aerial view’ on the cars exhibited inside. Beautiful.

ANYTHING ELSE: One of Kampala’s early buildings to feature the Kabira Stone.

Shaded by Nature

Photographed 25km West of Lyantonde, off the Masaka-Mbarara highway.

It sometimes is referred to as Kabira Stone, Munyonyo Stone, or simply Local Stone. Whatever its name, it’s a tried and tested façade and certainly looks better than brick slips (not to mention crazy paving with glossy black joints). It also is highly resistant to dust and pollution. But it’s getting boring.

Stone façade, brown and grey

So how about the dark-grey cousin? There is a building on Buganda Road that is clad with it. Would look great on a larger scale.

Shell Petrol Station, Ben Kiwanuka Street, Central Kampala

BUILDING: Shell Petrol Station/Shopping Arcade
LOCATION: Ben Kiwanuka Street, Central Kampala
ARCHITECT: Wish I knew

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT IT: Surrounded by a lot of short-term-low-quality ruins, this building effortlessly claims its position as Kampala’s finest petrol station. The way it exposes its beautifully snaking cantilever structure makes both Architects and Structural Engineers happy. Now THAT is rare.

ANYTHING ELSE: Let’s not talk about the new colour. And what a shame that the upper floor is used as a window-less shopping arcade. Where are the innovative night club owners of this city? It’s the perfect place, guys – couldn’t be more central, there is space for parking and imagine the snake-shaped counter inside! Just kindly stop your guests from throwing down cigarettes.

Zinello’s in Kabalagala

I’ve not yet tried their frozen yoghurt, ice cream and pizza so I can’t comment on what they sell. But certainly on how: Nice to see how much attention these guys have paid to their shop frontage.

Just imagine there were no cars passing by.