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Having received a number of messages and emails over the past couple of months, it seems about time to state the obvious: that kampala.ver has died an untimely and sudden death and joins ranks with all those millions of deaf blogs out there.

The motive of this blog was to move around Kampala with open eyes, talk about her, criticise her, and publish good, weird and crazy ideas – sometimes to simply go on a rant. All that with the purpose of inspiring others to do the same, or at least to become aware of the fact that a city belongs to its citizens and needs their urgent attention. Most of all the motive was to enter into a discussion. Considering the infant state of Uganda’s civil society there certainly were some shy signs of exactly that starting to happen. Overall, I don’t think it was the idea behind kampala.ver that was bad.

It was the reality of my daily life which just didn’t match the aspirations. I know of few Architects who have other hobbies than doing more Architecture and that certainly applies to myself. In simple terms: I didn’t have enough time to generate intelligent posts on a regular basis and wasn’t willing to compromise on my day job. That’s the end of the story (flowers below, please).

Best Of kampala.ver
For those of you who come across for the first time and want to get a glimpse of what kampala.ver was all about, read some of this:

New Roads #1, #2, #3
…are three articles describing a three-layered approach to solve the problem of Kampala’s South being cut off traffic-wise: introducing Canal Street, Southern Ringroad and Southern Bypass.

From Another Planet
…describes the mind-boggling example of the Brazilian city of Curitiba, proving that good urban planning in the context of a developing country is possible.

Dear KCC,
…explains how easily the introduction of a Percent for Art policy could make Kampala a better place.

New Old Taxi Park
…proposes the replacement of Central Kampala’s famous Old Taxi Park with a purely pedestrian, mixed-use urban development.

Organized Environments
…is all about the pros and cons of Kampala’s booming property developing industry.

Good Architecture #1
…features my personal favourite amongst Kampala’s buildings.

Shame Towers
…decries the destruction of the UCB building.

Central Kampala Public Transport Terminal
…is the design of a large bus terminal at the Southern tip of Kampala’s Central Business District.

Kabalagala re-loaded
…contains a Masterplan for Kabalagala including a pedestrian area.

According to the Monitor, Uganda’s ruling party is about to commence construction of new party headquarters, located either between Crested Towers and the Uganda Media Centre or opposite the Golf Course.

Construction of the 15-storey ruling National Resistance Movement party headquarters in Kampala begins in or before June and should be completed by 2010, the year in which major political parties will launch presidential campaigns.

The article also claims that ‘the NRM has already secured financing from the government of China for the whole project and has since contracted China Nanjing International to construct the party house’.

Proposed 15-storey NRM headquarters, Kampala

The article, however, fails to reveal how the proposed building will actually look like. Sensationally, kampala.ver managed to exclusively obtain one of the Architect‘s first revolutionary concept sketches which we hereby proudly present to the public.

Hunt for fuel at Kampala’s petrol stations

Compared to Kenyans who are dying in their hundreds, the price Ugandans are paying for a rigged election in their neighbouring country is rather low: USh 8,000 for a litre of petrol.

Will check out tomorrow whether the prices of bicycles have also quadrupled. Need to get one.

Kampala fireworks on New Year’s eve

by Charles Muganzi, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works and Transport:

There is no CHOGM road that is going to last more than two years. We only carpeted on top because there was no time. There was no foundation at all and the drainage was never overhauled because we got the money late.

Followed by some finger pointing:

My ministry is not more corrupt than the Ministry of Finance. Mr Chairman, I swear, it is Finance which is more corrupt than mine.

More funny stuff.

The Queen's numberplate

CHOGM seems to have turned Ugandans into a truly visionary lot. Looks like we are expecting 95 more British monarchs to visit the country.