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KAMPALA: Capital city of Uganda.

PALAVER: Defined as flattery intended to persuade, as having a lengthy discussion, usually between people of different backgrounds, or even as loud and confused and empty talk; ‘mere rhetoric’ by these guys.

KAMPALA.VER: Talks about Kampala. What should and should never have happened. What the big and small things are that could make it a better place. Why it sometimes sucks so immensely. What its best and worst buildings are. Et cetera. It tends to evolve around Architecture and Urban Planning but is not limited to that.

FILOUG: Author of kampala.ver. Works as an Architect in Kampala.

One Comment

  1. Just wanted to say that I miss your blog so much. Why did you stop? It’s completely brilliant. You provide such a great window into understanding Kampala.
    Please return 🙂

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