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Leonie Rhode is a German Landscape Architect and Environmental Planner whose Masters Thesis is a study about Kampala’s green areas (or whatever is left of it). She spent quite some time over here researching the matter and was smart enough to keep her video camera running (if the clip below doesn’t work, watch it on Youtube):

If you can download rather large documents, you can read a well-written summary of her Thesis (PDF, 5.5 Mb).

Kampalas Greens title page

Even though Leonie is currently investing her energy into an urbanistic project in Transylvania she is still following the developments in Kampala and even promised to contribute some articles to kampala.ver in the future.

In case anyone wants to discuss her stuff, post your comments below, it’s likely she’ll come back and respond.


  1. I’m sure you saw this –

    A better job could have been done to highlight the issues, but at least more people are talking about this.

  2. quite an insightful article!i hope the plans to decongest Kampala reach fruition which seems to be the main problem for Africa-implementing our well thought out plans.

  3. Thank you for the article. In preparation for a similar project from Sustainable Urban Planning Association, I had been told about the work of Ms. Rhode. I am glad someone has posted the thesis summary. Do you have any way I could contact her directly to obtain the raw data she used. Perhaps we can use hers as a basis for our own.

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