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According to the Monitor, Uganda’s ruling party is about to commence construction of new party headquarters, located either between Crested Towers and the Uganda Media Centre or opposite the Golf Course.

Construction of the 15-storey ruling National Resistance Movement party headquarters in Kampala begins in or before June and should be completed by 2010, the year in which major political parties will launch presidential campaigns.

The article also claims that ‘the NRM has already secured financing from the government of China for the whole project and has since contracted China Nanjing International to construct the party house’.

Proposed 15-storey NRM headquarters, Kampala

The article, however, fails to reveal how the proposed building will actually look like. Sensationally, kampala.ver managed to exclusively obtain one of the Architect‘s first revolutionary concept sketches which we hereby proudly present to the public.


  1. You’ve got to be kidding me. Surely this is a joke, isn’t it? Well, it will be quite a site for miles around.

  2. er, sight! But on second thought, quite a site too, as the construction goes on for the customary eons.

  3. priceless!

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