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Nissan Motorcare building, Kampala

Nissan Motorcare building, Kampala

BUILDING: Nissan Motorcare
LOCATION: Jinja Road, Kampala
ARCHITECT: FBW Architects & Engineers

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT IT: This carefully designed showroom building features a large timber/glass façade which slightly tilts against the visitor and a sloping floor – the whole building literally is a ramp. It does so not only for the sake of a nice architectural effect; it actually seems highly functional because it gives a pedestrian a sort of an ‘aerial view’ on the cars exhibited inside. Beautiful.

ANYTHING ELSE: One of Kampala’s early buildings to feature the Kabira Stone.


  1. I found your blog by means of Global Voices Online. I hope you will stop by Crossword Bebop sometime.

    It is my great dream to blog about crossword puzzles in every English-speaking country. Where do people in Kampala go when they want to do a crossword puzzle?

  2. Hi Kampalaver, I found your blog from yesterday’s New Vision. Felt good to know that Kampalans are into blogging. I m yet to go through all the posts but the ones I read I found it informative and interesting. Hope to be a constant visitor to your blog. I have also just stepped into the world of blogging. Do visit it to encourage the spirit of blogging.
    keep blogging

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