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Garden City steel monster

You might have thought the Garden City steel monster was one of those CHOGM things that didn’t quite make it in time. It doesn’t look like it. The presidents left one month ago and still nothing has happened.

So what on earth is it? I am collecting explanations:

1. Squash courts. The thing will be glazed on all sides to form Africa’s most spectacular Squash court. (Woman in skirts will not be allowed.)

2. Janet’s Drive-in cinema. The first of the pyramid roofs actually serves as a projector stand. God TV will be screened 24/7 and if you park your car on the top deck you can actually read the Bible verses the right way round. The boda-boda guys downstairs can look at the pictures.

3. Shimoni Memorial. A blank blackboard will be installed to commemorate Shimoni Demonstration School which had to be relocated from the plot right opposite to give way to large tarmacked terraces which serve as God knows what.

Please provide better explanations.


  1. I think it is the work of a man man/woman who in his/her childhood envied the neighbour’s legos and has decided to take out his/her angst on the “ezifiseewo” from the hotel construction.

    It is h.i.d.e.o.u.s! One word: BOMB!

    • Taylor
    • Posted Saturday, 29th December, 2007 at 5:11
    • Permalink

    It’s for a huge neon billboard that screams out at you:

    “It’s not easy being Green: one day, a mall will happen on your face! The Golf course Green – open for business”.

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