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Perspective of central square

Clearly, the downside to my previous argument for the need of an organized bus system including the construction of a Central Kampala Public Transport Terminal is this: With the stroke of a pen we have done away with one of Kampala’s prime tourist attractions, the Old Taxi Park.

So we better come up with something really nice as a replacement. Something that doesn’t exist anywhere in town. Something that improves quality of life, for everybody to enjoy.

Such as a shady, relaxing, traffic-free Public Square in the heart of the city. Again.

Masterplan Old Taxi Park, Market Street, Nakasero Market

To achieve this, a ‘spine’ of blocks is arranged along Luwum Street and Ben Kiwanuka Street, creating an urban frontage, at the same time shielding the square. Narrow alleyways cut trough the blocks, emphasizing the sense of openness and spaciousness of the square itself. Since Old Taxi Park is located right in between Nakasero and Owino Market, it is also suggested to strengthen this axis by turning Market Street into a pedestrian shopping street. It’s already got the right name for it.

(I designed this some years ago. Nobody dreamt of Mr Basajjabalaba’s nasty 12-storey Nakasero Market proposal at the time – can’t find a picture of it right now -, so that nice tree-shaded rectangle to the right of the drawing might have to be ignored).

Groundfloor layouts

The triangular-shaped area itself is designed as a large mixed-use development with buildings of up to seven storeys. Throughout the blocks, the two lower floors are set back to create shaded arcades accommodating retail and gastronomy. Above, there is a mix of office space and apartments. There is provision for a multi-storey car park near Shoprite.

Update (30th December, 2007): ‘Something that improves quality of life, for everybody to enjoy.’ – It better does if bloodshed is to be avoided: City traders vow to die for the old Taxi park.


    • tracy1314
    • Posted Thursday, 13th December, 2007 at 16:15
    • Permalink

    I love your vision for the city…. now if only people would stop putting ugly buildings in the middle of it!

    • Baz
    • Posted Thursday, 13th December, 2007 at 19:31
    • Permalink

    You are an architect! Or a person in a similar field! Ah. That explains it. Lovely stuff!

    That drawing of the old park is amazing! Who did it?

    • filoug
    • Posted Friday, 14th December, 2007 at 9:19
    • Permalink

    Clever boy, Baz! Yes, I studied Architecture and Urban Planning (and, surprisingly enough, did not end up as a taxi driver). Those greenish drawings I did when I was still a student. You can tell it from the way the trees are drawn: Fortunately, nowadays I have other things to do than drawing thousands of little triangles.

  1. Hi, I’ve posted one of your photos at, but I can remove if you prefer. Cheers

    • Felix Holland
    • Posted Wednesday, 22nd August, 2012 at 21:40
    • Permalink

    No problem at all – looking forward to seeing people’s ideas for the next 50 years!

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