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Shell Petrol Station, Ben Kiwanuka Street, Central Kampala

BUILDING: Shell Petrol Station/Shopping Arcade
LOCATION: Ben Kiwanuka Street, Central Kampala
ARCHITECT: Wish I knew

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT IT: Surrounded by a lot of short-term-low-quality ruins, this building effortlessly claims its position as Kampala’s finest petrol station. The way it exposes its beautifully snaking cantilever structure makes both Architects and Structural Engineers happy. Now THAT is rare.

ANYTHING ELSE: Let’s not talk about the new colour. And what a shame that the upper floor is used as a window-less shopping arcade. Where are the innovative night club owners of this city? It’s the perfect place, guys – couldn’t be more central, there is space for parking and imagine the snake-shaped counter inside! Just kindly stop your guests from throwing down cigarettes.


    • Baz
    • Posted Thursday, 6th December, 2007 at 19:44
    • Permalink

    A nightclub on Ben Kiwanuka? I don’t think it’s cigarettes they will be throwing down.

    The building does look striking, though. Nice shot.

  1. Great pic. I think the paint helps us notice the building’s qualities better. In its days of plain white you might have missed it.
    Love what you are doing here by the way.

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