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There’s an interesting discussion currently going on on a New Vision forum about whether all the money that went into cleaning up Kampala for CHOGM was wasted or not. Most participants seem rather sceptical with one of the participants’ final suggesting being that

We probably need a new city elsewhere, with a proper long term urban plan.

Well, I certainly agree with the latter.


  1. i agree with him too…
    kampalans are mating like crazy-its as if the city has run outa space,can’t accomodate no more,i haven’t even made one mortal yet,oba where will my kids blast?

    • tmsruge
    • Posted Thursday, 6th December, 2007 at 8:25
    • Permalink

    I vote for starting over. The Seven Hills runneth over with muck, wannabe monster churches (God save the souls that call this city home), and smog. And yes, it’s true, Kampala is the ecological birthplace of smog!

    However, I say all this with a firm grip on the reality stick. The political in-breeding does not bode well if it’s to be the birth-place of the next great sociol-political revolutionary that’s to lead us from these dark days and actually utter the words, “burn this shit down and gimme a new city!”

    Keep up the good work though…

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