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Kabalagala Masterplan: The re-development of Kabalagala into the true Entertainment and Shopping district it anyway has become over the last 20 years. This involves turning the whole triangle into a pedestrian zone. Yes, you read right: No cars. No bodas. JUST. PEOPLE. WALKING.

It is achieved by doing something that occurs very natural looking at the map of the area: a straight continuation of Kibuli Road in order for it to join Gaba Road at the current position of Kabalagala Police Station (I know they invested some money for CHOGMification, but have you ever seen it from inside?). After the Police has gone we have created enough space for a huge roundabout that will once and for all do away with the eternal chaos of the Payless junction, since there are no more cars coming out of Muyenga Road.

The pedestrian zone is large enough to accommodate shops, offices, apartments, cinema, multi-storey car park – and lots of narrow streets and squares with cafes, street artists, vendors etc. And all of that without Diesel fumes and whistling Traffic officers!

I should note that this is a conceptual Masterplan. Whereas I consider the traffic part of it as both sensible and immediately achievable, the ‘buildings’ shown on the drawing obviously ignore all realities. They are meant to explain the ‘qualities’ of the new area (narrow streets, squares of different sizes etc). I’m not suggesting to wipe all existing structures of the map. Certainly not Capital Pub!

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